Inside every great vehicle is a collection of great parts. Sometimes, though, even the best parts break and need to get replaced. When that happens, you can count on the parts department at Bill Marsh Buick GMC to provide you with genuine parts made by the manufacturer. You may wonder why we'll only sell genuine parts and don't offer aftermarket parts in Traverse City. There are multiple reasons why we believe that offering authentic parts perfectly aligns with our mission to give our customers the best service.

Unquestionable Quality

Parts made by the manufacturer must meet stringent quality standards. You can be sure they'll work well when you install them in your vehicle. Aftermarket parts, on the other hand, aren't held to the same high standard of quality. While there are certainly some good aftermarket parts manufacturers, there are others that only exist to make a big profit by selling low-quality parts at a high price. As a consumer, it's very difficult to know the level of quality you'll get when you buy aftermarket parts, putting you at risk of wasting some serious money.

Great Warranty

Anytime you buy a part for your vehicle, you want to buy it from a company that stands behind what they sell. That's what you'll get when you buy original equipment manufacturer parts from the parts center at Bill Marsh Buick GMC. Every genuine part remains covered by some type of warranty, meaning that you'll have protection in the unlikely event of a problem. Unfortunately, you aren't guaranteed those same assurances when you buy aftermarket parts. Even if a company selling aftermarket parts offers a warranty, that company may not be around when you need warranty service. Save yourself some headaches and buy genuine parts.

Faster Repair Process

Countless companies manufacture aftermarket parts for vehicles. The problem with this diversity is that you'll likely feel faced with dozens of choices when you search for a particular part. Since individuals on vehicle repair forums and websites will differ about the best parts to use, you'll quickly find yourself in a time-consuming spiral of research to try and find the part you need. When choosing a genuine part, you only have one brand to choose from, making the process much faster and giving you much more confidence.

Understanding Your Vehicle

The companies that make authentic parts for your vehicle know your vehicle intimately. This standard makes sense because they designed the car and each of the parts in the car. You can be sure to get the correct part for your vehicle's trim level, model year, and country of manufacture. Since many aftermarket parts manufacturers make parts for customers around the world, you may accidentally end up with a part meant for a Japanese or German variant of your car. A problem like this can greatly delay your repair timeline if you can't get the part installed or potentially cause significant damage to your vehicle if you are able to get the job done. Avoid these problems from the outset by making sure to purchase genuine parts.

Installed by the Experts

When you bring your vehicle to our service center, we only ever use genuine parts for the reasons listed above. If you start on a repair project and then discover that the project is more difficult than you anticipated, you can bring the parts to us and allow us to complete the repair. When you start off with genuine parts, we will be able to stand behind the quality and integrity of the repairs we perform. While we will do our best to complete your repair with aftermarket parts, we can't guarantee the ongoing integrity of the repair since the part could fail due to low-quality manufacturing standards. Get some built-in insurance and choose original equipment manufacturer parts.

You can order a wide variety of parts directly from our parts department. All you have to do is stop by or give us a call any time.

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