The Bill Marsh Buick GMC team wants to remind you about the importance of winter vehicle service. Getting your vehicle serviced before cold weather arrives is key to your safety and keeping your vehicle running efficiently. We recommend bringing your vehicle to our service center in Traverse City for expert care.


Rotating your tires periodically will allow the tread to wear evenly while driving around Elk Rapids. Before the winter weather hits Glen Arbor, we recommend changing summer tires to winter tires, which have deeper treads.

Tires also need the correct inflation for better traction in winter weather and handling, and it also improves fuel economy. Make sure you check your inflation levels frequently throughout the season.


Brake service is critical in winter, so you can feel confident you'll be able to stop when needed. Since extra moisture can get into the components of your brakes, your rotors and brake pads can wear down quicker. Brake fluid also gets filled with grime and debris if it isn't changed regularly, affecting efficiency. Signs you need brake service include pulling to one side, vibrations when pressed, grinding, screeching, fluid leaks, and illuminated brake warning light on your dashboard.

Windshield Wipers

As you drive around Manton, MI in winter, your windshield wipers should clear the window of moisture. It is important to examine your windshield wipers for loose and damaged components and get them replaced. You should also pay attention to your windshield washer fluid.


You need the heater to be in good condition to keep you warm as you drive around Gaylord, MI and to keep windows defrosted. Signs your heater needs servicing include sweet smells, fogging, burning smells, strange noises, and the system not heating properly.

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